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Welcome to Sheboygan History.

Students  takes you to a section where you can search for individuals who have graduated from Sheboygan Area High Schools.

Yearbooks  takes you to a section where you can look at Sheboygan Area High School Yearbook senior pictures from the past.

Phone Books  will take you to the listings for some old Sheboygan Telephone Books.

Pictures  takes you to where I have also added some nice old photos and postcards of Sheboygan.

History  takes you to some excerpts from Sheboygan area history books, pamphlets, and sound recordings.   There is a nice series of scans of the 1953 Sheboygan Centennial Celebration Souvenir Program, and a booklet produced by the Sheboygan Chamber of Commerce in 1976.  Very interesting.

Biographies  is, for the most part, biographies from the 1898 book titled: "Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis."  This book is a great source of information on the prominent citizens of Sheboygan at the turn of the century.

Churches  will have anniversary and history pamphlets of churches from the Sheboygan area.

Links  will take you to other interesting and useful Sheboygan area websites.

If you ever have any questions, or want me to look something up for you, let me know.  I am always ready to do more detailed scans, or look up Freshman, Sophomore or Junior names.  Just shoot me an email, and I will respond as soon as I can.

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What's New

02/10/18    1974 Cedar Grove High School Yearbook, the "Memoria"
01/26/18    1971 Cedar Grove High School Yearbook, the "Memoria"
01/16/18    1970 Cedar Grove High School Yearbook, the "Memoria"
09/24/17    1899 Sheboygan High School Yearbook, the "Lake Breeze"
07/08/17    1930 Plymouth High School Yearbook, the "Quit Qui Oc"
07/03/17    1989 Sheboygan North High School Yearbook, the "Polaris"
06/10/17    1928 Sheboygan Telephone Book
03/18/17    1946 Howards Grove High School Yearbook, the "Forward"